What is behind Bellesa?

Bellesa was established as a partner of Galenos, s.r.o. in order to provide the widest possible clientele with access to the most innovative and up-to-date global technologies and trends in aesthetic medicine.
We offer a wide range of interventions in the field of corrective and laser medicine. Our goal is to preserve the natural beauty and fresh look.
In addition to one-off treatments, we are ready to take care of the youthful look of our clients throughout the year through individual Anti-Aging programs.

Why Bellesa?

  • Individuálny prístup – budeme k vám pristupovať osobne a zákroky prispôsobíme vašim potrebám
  • Modern methods and devices – we use the latest medical devices and treatments based on up-to-date modern methods
  • Snažíme sa o čo najprirodzenejší vzhľad našich klientov používaním najkvalitnejších materiálov v ich primeranom množstve (čiže bez prekorigovania)

Kto sa skrýva za názvom Bellesa?

MD. Svetlana Šefčiková

Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava, performs professional procedures such as wrinkle removal, botulinum toxin application, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy, peelings and laser procedures.

Professional practice – Dermatological department of hospital Trnava and hospital of Piešťany, certified professional trainings in injectioning the filling materials, mesotherapy, application of botulinum toxin and laser methods and procedures.

MD. Petra Straková

Graduate of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Martin.

She worked on gynecology department in Hospital A. Winter Piešťany and since 2020 works as gynecologist with her own practice in GYNEGOLOGY s.r.o. in Bratislava and is a certified performer of laser treatments in intimate areas – IntimaLase®, RenovaLase®, and IncontiLase® certifications.

Marcela Kovačičová – “Your eyebrows are my passion”

Marcela is a graduate of Phibrows Microblading in Vienna, under the direction of the founder of the PhiAcademy, Grand Master Branko Babić. Thanks to the training, she received the titel of the Royal Artist Award. In addition to microblading, the most natural technique for tattooing eyebrows, she also offers other services. For example, the technique of manually shading the eyebrows, PhiShading or the Breezy Brows technique. She works exclusively with the products of the PhiAcademy and her goal is to discover beauty in every woman and to emphasize their softness and femininity with beautiful eyebrows.