Removal of vascular lesions

Removal of vascular lesions and enlarged veins

Safely and comfortably with excellent results.
Rosacea and other vascular lesions, such as hemangiomas or “strawberry spots” and neavus flammeus (popularly called fire), are caused by malformed capillaries – deformed by small blood vessels. These are benign formations.
Lasers can effectively and comfortably handle the effects of rosacea because laser energy is aimed only at being absorbed by blood in the shallow layers of the skin. When the energy is absorbed, it decomposes the walls of the veins and leaves only healthy veins that provide a normal flow of blood to the area.
The body’s immune system recognizes the broken veins, similarly like bruises, and quickly removes the tissue so that the skin looks clearer and more uniform. The surface layer of the skin is undamaged with laser energy, so the treatment is painless.


Laser therapy has become a new standard for the removal of many common types of vascular lesions, such as hemangiomas, vascular malformations (so-called fire, teleangiectasis – spider veins / angles, angiomas – small birthmarks consisting of lymphatic or blood vessels).
With modern laser technology, this treatment is comfortable and safe – it is capable of targeting the right tissues with specific laser wavelengths, which ensures that the surface layer of the skin is not damaged. After laser treatment, the skin may be slightly red for 1-2 days until it reaches a younger, brighter and evenly toned look.