Wrinkle Smoothing

Get the skin you want.

Most treatments aimed at improving the appearance of irregularities and wrinkles include either cosmetic surgery or consistent use of moisturizers and lotions. Progress in technology demonstrates that lasers bring a long-lasting, scientifically-proven treatment that restores your natural beauty.

What causes tiny inequalities and wrinkles?

Young skin has no wrinkles because the skin is moist and elastic, with healthy collagen and elastin fibers. By aging of the body and your skin, the collagen and elastin lose their effects and the skin cells are softened. This results in loss of moisture in the skin, thus losing elasticity. All these changes cause that the skin folds over with a time and wrinkles are formed.

The major factor, in addition to physiological aging, which causes skin cell damage and leads to premature aging, is excessive exposure to sunlight. Insufficient nutrition, various diets, smoking and bad exercise also play a role in the attractiveness and health of the skin.


Compared with traditional methods that reduce wrinkles such as dermabrasion and chemical peelings, lasers allow skin care professionals to have very precise control over the treatment. It is possible to control the depth of penetration of the laser energy into the skin in order to trigger changes in the different layers of the skin.

In most cases, no anesthesia is needed to treat resurfacing (skin surface reparation) by laser. Due to the special wavelength of the laser, therapeutic and rejuvenation times are shorter than in case of conventional methods. Patients experiencing laser resurfacing generally describe similar feeling such as burned skin after sunburn for a few days after treatment.

When new skin is regenerated, it is important to protect sensitive skin with special moisturizers and avoid excessive exposure to sun.