Removal of Pigmentation

Freckles / Spots

Freckles are commonly found on the skin of many people – large part of the population. In most cases they are caused by sun exposure and are harmless. However, some people prefer to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

What causes freckles?

The human skin responds to UV light and produces a pigment called “melanin”, which causes browning – darkening of the skin known as sunbathing. Freckles are caused by an uneven distribution of the skin pigment. Their highest concentration is on the face, shoulders and hands. The probability of their appearance is highly genetic. The freckles have regular edges, uniform color, and the average size ranges from one to five millimeters.


Lasers can be used to remove harmless pigmented lesions such as freckles by distributing melanin clusters in the skin. Using targeted wavelengths of laser energy, the laser can bypass healthy cells and concentrate only on areas with excess of melanin. This means that it is possible to remove pigments without damaging normal skin cells.

Solar stains and pigment stains.

Do you suffer from pigment stains?

These not nice brown skin colorings are formed by increased melanin production in melanocytes and most often can be seen on the forehead, the temples, the cheeks, around the upper lip. By impact of the sun they are even highlighted. In fact, it is skin pigmentation disorder impaired genetically, by UV exposure or by hormonal activity (also occurring during pregnancy, when taking hormonal contraception, also as a symptom of ovarian cancer). Some pigments may also be caused by cosmetics (creams, fragrances) combined with sunlight. In general, these stains are harmless and are usually treated for cosmetic reasons.

Age-dependent pigment stains tend to be localized mostly in places exposed to the sun such as back of hands, forearms, decollate, and face. They often appear with increasing age for people aged 35-40. It is a flat, brown-color skin.


Lasers target the rays within the range of skin imperfections by using different wavelengths of laser energy in order to remove unwanted stains. This type of treatment is fast and almost painless, and the patient does not need any anesthetic or anesthetic injections.

Laser is a long-term treatment, pigment spots are very rarely returned, and due to the benefits of laser energy, all scarring risks are very small.